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Creativeworkz is your mentor, coach, educator and developer for your business- working with you to help you learn to fish.

Leadership is a much overused word today - but what does it mean to you and to your business? Is it happening at all levels of your business? Do all your staff consider themselves Leaders? If not you need them too.

Have you got the right structure, systems and processes to allow your business to flourish? Most times when there are problems in a business it is a systems or process issue not a people issue.

How is your teamwork and conflict management? So important in business of any kind.

Do you understand how to bring new ideas to your business? I'm not just talking about ground breaking step changes but the small ongoing innovation that provides continuous improvements.

Ideation is a skill that is not well understood in businesses but is sorely needed to take you to the next level or just to provide a better yearly income. At Uncle Tobys we put cheese and biscuits together - not a new idea - but making it portable made in a multimillion dollar brand in very short space of time. What's your Le Snak ?

I'm looking forward to helping you move forward personally and professionally.


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